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The following is information related to our privacy policy:

  1. (a) My Open Connect may receive information both from customers and developers when they sign up to post the project or to provide the development services. The information that is received may include business name, email id, name of the concerned person or developer, phone number, contact address etc. The details received from customers or the developers will be used only for interacting with the customers or the developers through newsletters or other email services. The information received is not transferred or sold to anyone by us. We store the information taking the strictest security measures for your protection.
  2. (b) During the time of project development, the customer may get in touch with the developer and the exchange of personal information may take place. Customers and developers agree that they will use the information only for the intended purpose of getting the work done related to the project posted on the site or the project uploaded by the developer. You agree that you will use the information in an ethical manner and will not transfer it to anyone until or unless you have the permission to do so. You agree that you will not misuse the information for any personal gains. You warrant that you will comply with the privacy policy laws and data protection laws with relation to the use of the data, storage, transfer etc.


You agree to indemnify us, the team working for My Open Connect and each and every individual who represents, markets our services etc. and hold us harmless from any claims or demands that may be made by any third party.

Please, take note that the site owners reserve the right to bring in changes anytime they may want to the terms of use or conditions of use present here on the site. Users are requested to visit our terms and conditions page every time they make use of the site.

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