Why not use a staffing company?

Staffing companies are very expensive. They charge you for an individual resource and
you are paying for ONLY that resource. Project analysis, testing, and project
management are NOT included for that price. MyOpenConnect.com provides you with all the resources you need at one low price. You are able to quantify and manage your costs knowing you also have the benefit of a defined, cohesive strategy and the proper breadth of resources to handle your project from A to Z.

Why not just outsource to a local programmer?

Local or U.S. based individual resources are often more than twice as expensive as MyOpenConnect.com. Also, unless you have worked with that developer before there is an inherent risk in their ability to complete the project. Additionally, they are likely outsourcing much of the work to offshore resources and making a large profit on their hourly rate. Finally, individual resources can be unstable, undependable, too busy to adhere to a schedule or even worse, have been known to not respond and sometimes disappear altogether.

With MyOpenConnect.com, you are working with a stable company that offers not only the breadth of resources and expertise you’ll need, but the benefit of a dedicated and available project manager as well as a technology platform that removes any concerns about dependability or transparency.

How About Outsourcing Offshore?

Here you have a lot of the same problems. Ever heard the expression “penny wise and pound foolish”? That’s the trap with offshore. You may save a few bucks on your hourly rate but you have time difference issues that affect communication as well as language and cultural barriers that make it more difficult to achieve project success. If things don’t go as planned, you may find your project spiraling out of control, costing you lots of time, money and stress!

What makes you different?

MyOpenConnect adheres to strict procedures in order to ensure the success of your project:

A. BRD (Business Requirements Document): without a business requirements document, it is impossible to complete any project successfully.

Imagine building a house without plans. MyOpenConnect will develop a Business Requirements Document that will include the review of your project and the designs of a solution, included with workflow diagrams and use cases.

B. Project Management: Managing software development is a huge task which involves constant back and forth communication with developers and many time-sensitive requirements. MyOpenConnect addresses this issue by providing you a project manager who can not only analyze your project but also manage the development of the items as well.

C. Admin Panel and Ticketing System: When developing a project, you as the business or project owner need to have a consistent idea of what is being done and when it will be completed. MyOpenConnect gives you access to its own admin panel that will manage the time, billing and communication associated with your project.

How Do You Do The Work?

MyOpenConnect has developed strategic relationships over the course of its years with some of the finest development companies in the world. These relationships have led to trusted partnerships that allow MyOpenConnect to focus on developing, managing and directing the projects rather than trying to do everything.

Our process is as follows:

  • We review your project.
  • We provide you a statement of work and link to our billing panel
  • We charge you 45.00 for the first project consultation and shortly thereafter you will be charged in 10 hr. blocks for software development.
  • We design a BRD for you which includes the creation of your BRD and your project plan
  • Your project begins!
  • We make sure the work gets done (milestones are provided and met)
  • We put your project into production

We are experts in Open Source programming. Developing everything in Open Source technology. That includes technology like:



We bill $45.00 per hr.
We bill in 10 hr. blocks
We will for programming services related to your account.
Every item that is billed will have a ticket created for it. As well as its respective category.

There was a recent report released that the 3 biggest time drainers that exist today are:

INBOX Management
Tasks and Meetings

These items come included in the working of your project and are listed as “Non-billable”

What are you billed for?

Programming (Actual Coding)
Testing (UNIT Testing and functionality)
Deployment (Putting your site into production)
Communication (Speaking with your Project Analyst or Account Manager

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